Thursday 22 November 2012


Flowers, sequined and fringe-y stuff coming up!
As I apparently sometiems seem to believe I am made of nothing but time, free such, I have been fixing up a new number to do at the Kokomo Burleski club which is tomorrow! On Friday in other words.

See you there if you are in the mood for some tikilicious action and burlesque!

On another note Friday is also Black Friday which we do not have over here but those of us hanging out on ze interwebs still know what it means; discounts online. For those of you who still don't have enought stuff I though I'd let you in on a couple of sales from my affiliates that you might want to use; (or at least I hope so; as you know these are not sponsored ads but if someone shops I get a penny or two. Mostly just 'a' :)

Shabby Apple has 20% off absolutely everything from the 23rd to the 30th with the code JOYFULSEASON

And Lime Crime, which has really great cruelty free make up that I always use for shows, offers 30% off for Friday and 25%off for the rest of the weekend and on Cyber Monday. Plus, they launch a new velvet lip stick and eye glitters on Friday. You can get the discount code from LC's Facebook tomorrow!

Also, ModCloth is starting their Season sale with a lot off a lot.

You can click the images to get to the sites.

Last I'll mention Trashy Diva, which sadly is not a affiliate of mine but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway, has 30% off everything too. Swoon.

And this week's drawing over at my FB page for a set of organic skin care will be up and running tonigth!


Anonymous said...

I just thought I should point out that Lime Crime has some really questionable business practices including using stolen images from indie companies in their advertisements. I also believe that their original makeup formulations weren't vegan even though they were advertised as such. has a good amount of information on Lime Crime scandals.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

I don't take a stand, really.

But it actually said on the site which products weren't vegan before (some had beeswax) and that is not an issue for me (honey, beeswax) in general. I stumbled on some of the 'scandals' online a few years back but found most to be teenage jealous crap? As in it was only whines on some forum and blogs and the attacks seemed rather personal on her. So it didn't bother me. I found those accusasions to be rather annoying actually , typical for people who don't like others succeeding. This based on other similar cases, and what I read and how it was written made me shrug my shoulder and think that it wasn't true, or don't care. (which I of course can't know for a-totally-sure)
Haven't seen the tumblr though.

Personally I find it quite impressive, what she's done, getting her line rather big. (I haven't heard about any stolen images or so but the ones I've seen have only had pics of her or clearly styled be her too?) But either way she is a successful entrepreneur -and not sued so far? :)- I take my hat off for that. And the make up works well, which is why I have the brand as an affiliate.

(What comes to business practice in general many companies do that all the time, fuck people over, I know that myself -I've experienced it on a very close level- and the ones doing so know it too, so they for example can copy stuff up to a certain point without having to compensate anyone. It sucks.)

But anyway it's of course totally fine that you wanted to point that out :)

Ilona said...

Thank you so much for mentioning the sale at TD! I actually ended up ordering two dresses from final sale, but it was the 30% discount that made me go on the site this time :)

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Ilona: yey, you're welcome :)

And, anonymous, I checked the tumblr. I don't get it? Don't those people have better things to do?