Sunday 4 November 2012


We took a trip to the big antiques store nearby the country house.
I brought home a bunch of enamel bowls and plates for the kitchen.

Funny how I consider the antique store to be "nearby" since it's about half an hours drive away, when while being in the city a destination that is half an hour away is a totally different thing. That's kind of far away already...

You may recall me going on abotu how I love enamel items!

I remember we always had lots of enamel plates at our summerhouse like this, as old as the house itself, and we sat at the rocks by the sea and washed potatoes in them.

There were some cups in the same style at home from before waiting for their new bowl cousins already.

I also got a bunch of porcelain plates in different blue patterns. I picked up a few with the thought to use them under flower pots but they turned out into quite the big pile and look good together so I might actually use them for table settings instead.

Alright who am I kidding. I never do any special pretty themed setting or so. These will end up as flower plates anyway.
But then again, who knows.

 I actually like it with  thr edges a little chipped!

Well, now that I brought these piles over here to join the rest of the items on the old stove it's time to tuck them away elsewhere for a while as we are finally going to renovate the kitchen! The carpenter is coming next week already. Wooh! And stress! And wooh!


Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

Hey, I have those Arabia plates in darker blue (with the Chinese theme and swallows and what not)!

Mariela Santillan said...

What items! My husband doesn't see the point in buying vintage dishes or anything else for that matter.

Kati said...

This last picture looks so well put together!

Sarah Jane said...

Ooh nice. I really feel my age when I start to swoon over kitchenware! These are lush x

Alli said... them! What finds :)

Miss Maple said...

Wonderful plates. I also own mismatched china and find it more enchanting than having all plates with the same pattern. My mother has similar china in pink and I collect brown, black, green and blue tones. The brown and black tones are hard to find but all the more interesting is it to look for them on fleamarkets and in op shops. Don't you think that the hunt is the greatest fun? Have an awful nice week. Hugs from Miss Maple