Thursday, 22 November 2007


Somteimes I just never learn. Or forget what I've learned. To mention one thing: never go to sleep with wet hair (to be more exact - with a wet fringe) unless you don't want to have a really really bad hair day the next day. Yesterday I woke up looking like a medieval village fool, with my fringe standing right up in three directions. And once its up, it wont come down. For a while at least. But I didn't really have anything special to do so I just pulled my beret on to cover my head when going to the store. But then my phone rang. It was one of my employers calling from his vacation in Thailand with a slight emergency - some cloth samples that were already late for the buyers had arrived from the factory and had to be sent forward right away. This is a small company so at the moment the only one who had the time to do it was me, and as I can't say no or didn't want to ruin anybodys vacation I promised to fix it.

Still looking like an idiot I dragged myself tout to the industry area where office is, hoping that I wouldn't run in to anybody . But its a office space with many companies and I had to ask around to find boxes and stuff so I flashed my nice hairdo around to a lot of people. (Not that it really matters weather I look stupid or not. But, of course, I'd rather look my best all the time and verywhere)

Being organized not my strongest side - when it comes to work, the visual work I do, I'm very concentrated and exact, but otherwise I guess I'm a bit more... relaxed (or as I use to defend myself to my boyfriend when he goes crazy and calls me lazy: Im just very bohemic). So now I had tens of samples with different order numbers and codes to be sent to the right buyers and matching lists and tables are really not my strongest feature. And I wanted to get the hell out of there as son as possible. But after some cigarettes, a little swearing and some more concentration I managed to get all the boxes and sample bags to the post office.

And then, to once again show to myself that I really never learn , I went and bought myself those expensive dates and a costy smoothie on my way home.

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