Tuesday 27 November 2007


My boyfriend picked me up from work with our car (which is worth mentioning because it's a museum-registered car so we don't drive around in it that much) and when we got home I found out he had made me sushi, which I love. I think we had almost 50 pieces toghether and even though you get very full, you can't really overdose on sushi, not even if you are schedguled to have it with your friend the next day. I could have sushi every day!
(But sometimes I feel a bit bad about eating fish - I've been a vegetarian for years, at some point a vegan too, but I started having fish about a year and a half ago. I really like tuna and that's almsot the worst one can have from an ecological point of view. But then again - I smoke cigarettes and drive an old car so that makes me an ecological monster anyway, tuna or no tuna...)

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WendyB said...

Those are such cute-looking sushis!