Monday, 5 November 2007


Last week was pertty heavy. Too much of going out for one week. Doing my best to recover now. Why do people organize so many parties? (And why do I absolutely have to go to all of them!?) Spent a couple of days out and about in Stockholm during the week, the weekend was all about gigs, halloweenparties, masquerades and then just out otherwise. Had a lot of fun but spent a lot of money and slept too little. But I didn't work. At all. Now I have sooo much to catch up with during next week.

(If you can tell what bandshirt I'm wearing you should take a listen to that record which cover is printed on the shirt.)

((Oh, and the original version of that stuid dance hit Party all the Time is actually pretty funny. It's Eddie Murphy that signs. It's so 80's!))

(((By the way, my nailpolish lasted from wednesday to sunday without as much as a crack. Nivea's Calcium Power. Finally some value for my money)

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Anonymous said...

Haha I really didn't know that sample is taken from Eddie Murphy !