Monday, 5 November 2007


I think 90% of my wardrobe is black. Or actually, maybe only about 70. But 90% of what I wear from my wardrobe is black. Sometimes I find it difficult to wear patterns or too many colours, mostly because of the tattoos (I'm afraid of giving people associations of a christmas three)

The dress to the left is by me, from some clothes I made under the theme 'black on white on black'. I have this thing for big buttons and pockets and want ot put them on everything that I make. (This dress is in cotton but I think I will remake it, it would be better in a thicker, warmer fabric. And maybe with white edges around the pockets. I had a fringe at the time when I made it, and somehow i could't draw myself in this dress without it. I'm thinking of cutting it back even thoug I've been growing it away for six months now).
I was planning to make myself wide 30's style pants like the ones in the middle, but never made the effort. Thank god for H&M (once again), where I found these. But I wish they would be just a tiny little bit longer.
The dress to the right is my mothers old and one of my favourites. Had it to a rockabilly gig on friday.

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