Tuesday, 13 November 2007


At a day like this when the last thing one wants to do is leave the house I feel happy that atelast my feet were dry. It was all due to the boots. Worker boots. Most people get surprised when they hear that I have done a lot of heavy work, actually labour, in my life. Many are the days spent working outside for hours all year round, and one of the good things I have with from that job is a pair of good ol' worker boots (and we're talking the real shit here now, with steelcaps hard enought to wrestle elephants with without broken toes, a warm and furry lining to survuve an arctic cold and comfy enough to walk for days in). Not the kind of shoes me or anyone else would expect to see me wear (even thought one sees a lot of Dr.martens- style boots around otherwise) but oh, it feels amazing to have dry feet all day in spite of the weather. And it reminds me of my grunge years in the 90's... So I went kind of grunge all the way, from my regular working-at-home-leggings-and-t-shirt-and-a-big-cardigan I protected myself further from the wind with my boyfriends big sleevess hoodie under my jacket. Not that fancy, but comfy. And atleast right dressed for the weather for once! Or well, it would propably be better if I would actually wear jeans or pants instead of just leggings, I havent done that for months though. But thats another story.

(And later I learned what I propably shoul've learned by the time I was five: no boots in the world will keep you dry if you keep in walking through deep waterpools instead of just walking around them... but I couldn't help it, I just had to do it with my happy feet being dry and all and I wanted to see if the boots actually would stay dry forever - and now I have a cold).

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