Thursday, 22 November 2007


Dress: H&M, coat: S&M, cardigan and bag: vintage, shoes: Fabbri
gold shimmering Khmer-scarf: from Cambodia, and to add a litle kitsch: Vishnu pendant bought in Bali.

In the evening I made myself a nice hairdo by forcing my there's something about Mary fringe back with an armada of hairwax. (I used to pull my hair back all the time before when I had a fringe when my hair was dirty or so. But this time the fringe is a lot shorter so it's much harder to get it to stay. Enough said about the firnge now anyway). And then I find myself eating out with my sister at a place we go to quite often, ordering what I always have and a little red wine aswell just to celebreate the fact that, ehrm... it's wednesday and I've done some work... or something. (Next week I'll start cutting back on my expences and I'll just have vegetable soup at home. Or then I'll just stop thinking about this. Normally things always work out anyway :)

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