Wednesday, 7 November 2007


So, the fringe is back! After more than six months of growing it away (-I guess if I consider doing something more than three times I feel obliged to actually do it; it was he same thing when I coloured my hair a bit darker in the summer. I could't stop thinking about doing it so I had to do it even though I didn't really want it). Now I'll just colour it platinum and everything will be back to, eh, normal or something.

And now that the man of the house is away again I can listen to Rufus Wainwright without having him complain about how winy he thinks it sounds. I made a playlist with Rufus and Mustasch. It's kind of weird and somehow wrong to mix those two, sort of like eating vanilla custard with tabasco. But it gives me a strange satisfaction of mind. (The music, which is. I would never put tabasco on my dessert!)

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