Tuesday, 13 November 2007


I did these quick pictures about two months ago, when the weather started to get slightly colder and autumn began to get its colours. I really do love autumn, somteimes maybe even most of all seasons, even though I in general prefer the summer. I love early spring too; I get euphoric when the sun starts to shine stronger again. And I also love the winter, if it is a white and not too cold one (as a kid it always pissed me off when the winter in Narnia ended, I loved the fact that that whole place was nothing but deep, always snowy woods). Sometimes there are days that I wish it could be autumn forever.

...and that soft nice autumn is so totally gone by now. I know that some cultures used to celebrate new year, or actually the end of the old year, in novemeber, and its quite clear why- nature really puts itself to sleep, or more likely dies. Here the nights are getting really dark by now, all colurs are in different shades of grey and brown and the last leaves have fallen from the trees in the hard wind. And heavy wind makes me angry. It searches its way under my beret, messes up my hear and screams in my ears. It gives me the worst migrane ever and most of all: it makes me really pissed of, not only because it actually hurts by mostly because there is nothing I really can do about it. This is the time of year when I sometimes wished I lived elsewhere on the globe, and not where being outside is a struggle:

Strangely enough, sometimes at days like this when the rain comes more from the front than from above and the wind is so heavy it hard to move forward I can suddenly get struck by how breathtakingly beautiful life still can be. It happened today and for a moment I didn't even mind the headache form the wind. Strange, but amazing.


Anonymous said...

I really like this one!

Anonymous said...

...but i don't like the lilac stockings