Monday, 19 November 2007


This is how I should be.

This week did not start well.
I got up too late. Still a bit groggy from the weekend.
Had a lot of things to take care of, but I've just kept pushing them for later.

Most of all, I feel bad beacuse I've spent to much money lately. The main problem being that I've actually eraned too much. Too much for my tax deducation card, that is. So now my tax percent is really really huge (and it is all my fault for not paying attention to it earlier; it's a freelance card so the only one checking up on it is me). I should just cut back on my expences for the rest of the year.

But I really suck on that. I eat out too often, and if I cook at home I always buy the extra good cheese, the really expesive juice (that really fruity one that only lasts for about a day beacuse its so damn fresh and healthy, mmmm) and small extra treats like fresh dates that costs as mucha box as a whole lunch. I also taxi around too much (I didn't notice until last weekend that I have a night bus stopping right oustide my door. I've lived around this neighborhood for three years now. But I still took a cab home that night hehe. I'm not broke yet). And even though I hate the fact that I do, I buy too much stuff otherwise - second hand or not, I still consume. So I should learn to just lay low, stay inside for a coulple of weeks with some cheap but healthy veggie sup and just work work work. But instead I go out with taxi from place to place and buy nice drinks and the next day, tired and hungover, I buy tasty snacks and some music from the internet.

Shame shame on me.

(The painting: In the corner, oil on wood, 2001)

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